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A man's inspirational journey and enlightenment to dream the impossible dream, and the power of a great love between a father and his son. 

There's a motivation behind him that is a force of strength that's not often shown to the world; giving insight to his true purpose in heart and the reality of his struggles as a single father; yet show the imminent empowerment to the distinguished gentleman that's truly in him.



The film is inspire truth of a man to his reality and how he has to dig deep to overcome everyday life challenges. Including an unexpected birth of a son by a one night stand and the lose of a true love lost by betrayal.

The inspiration behind the story is to encourage stories that show men in a positive light.  Men that fully take responsibility for their wrong with the purpose to make it right. 

Gordon living out his dream as a  commercial fountain designer and becomes a successful business man that prides himself on integrity and honor.  This empowering and intriguing distinguished gentlemen sets a standard that draws women to flock to him for their own intended motives. But his interest is in one love that is now  a forbidden love caused by his life circumstances.


About the writer


Ton'e Brown has written a remarkable story. She used her wittiness and observation in sharing the male prospective as she viewed it. Her desire in writing the novel that she's turned into a screenplay for film was a way to inspire and enlighten the view of the man.


In her words, "We need Men Flicks". She went on to say, " I want to see the heart of a man doing good on film so I wrote about what I wanted to see but with the dramatics of course."


She continued,


I won't take on the claim of an expert, or a specialized qualified male connoisseur, I am only going to share what I have learned along the way to the relationships between men and women with the attempt to provoke reality in it's raw form. 


The truth of there is love in a man. We just don't get to see it as a positive as women.


The hope is to use this platform to not only inspire, but to enlighten, and give insight into men that will openly express their truths at every level of a mans thought process, not just to relationships but to every aspect of life.  That's meaning careers, the depth of their beliefs to faith, family and show strengths and the flip side of vulnerabilities not often shown or expressed.


Just maybe, hope will be instilled in women to believe the possibility of true love and good love.


Love is a beautiful gift.


A Woman Writing A Man’s Journey

 Sure, I am a woman, so what do I know about the journey of a man?

I know a man is about opportunities, and their stories should be shared about how they triumph through life no matter the circumstances or situations. 


I know a man faces daily challenges that can sometimes break him to the point of no return, that can land them in unpredictable life situations.


I know a man can feel weakness even when he knows he is strong. I know a man can loose his way in dark times and still able to fin the strength to be empowered when his manhood is attacked.


There is no blind ambition but there is insight into the planned desired outcome. AND, that is to take the ultimate journey with a man humanistic truth and express it as a writer to give it realness. The realness of expressed gratitude, heartfelt feelings beyond the physical and who the man is as, THE MAN.

Ton'e Brown


Film Producer Ton'e Brown

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